Need some 1:1 time with a creativity cheerleader?

Joanne Lauzon—artist, creative play coach, and Director at CAMP, is now offering a limited number of 60-minute private creative play coaching sessions.

These coaching calls are perfect for you if:

  • you feel the itch to tap into your creative energy, but don’t know how to scratch it
  • you have loads of arts + craft supplies but don’t know how—or are afraid—to use them
  • you don’t feel you have the time or space for dedicated creative play time
  • you struggle with crappy self-talk when it comes to trying new things
  • you don’t want to waste spend money on supplies just to make something you aren’t happy with
  • you scroll endlessly through Pinterest + Instagram looking for inspiration, and only end up more frustrated
  • you often start something new, then let it go when you hit a plateau, or become bored with it

Reserve your PepTalk today!

* PS: These 60-minute sessions are perfect for personal creativity. If you are looking for coaching for your creative business, I offer a more in-depth 3-hour option. Click here for more info!