We are hearing more and more about the positive effects of affirmations and intentions—thoughts we carry with us throughout the day to keep us in a mindful state. Mindfulness has been proven time and time again to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, intensify our connection to higher power, heighten creativity, and provide clarity of thought.

To inspire mindfulness, many enjoy the practice of drawing a random intention card from a deck (it’s uncanny how the chosen intention is usually spot-on for your needs each day), and spending a few moments in meditation to instil that intention in your mind for the day.

“Today I Am” is a set of 31 unique intentions, bundled in a keepsake tin so you can draw your cards anytime, anywhere, as needed. You may also choose to pass cards out to family, friends, or use them for random acts of kindness out in the world—spreading mindfulness wherever you go.

Cards are 2 x 3.5″—perfect for pockets, wallets, and bathroom mirrors.