Time to Shift

Wow. What a year it has been. And not just the almost-year it’s been since my last post {sheepish grin ?}, but 2019 so far. In January, I was completely fired up before and during my Thailand trip. Things settled down after my March women’s art retreat weekend, and have remained oddly quiet since.

This quiet stillness coincides with my recent “single” relationship status—something new for me. It’s been over six months since my five-year relationship ended, and I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when I was single for this long. At age 47, it’s an odd feeling. Sometimes I am refreshed and inspired by my new found “freedom”. Other times I am desperately lonely and longing for someone with whom to connect.

For the last twelve weeks, I participated in a business coaching program which included three 60-minute in-person energy healing sessions. I believe in the power of energy, so this portion of the program was the selling feature for me. Jessica was able to tap into my true energy and listen to messages I have been telling myself which simply aren’t true. Like “nobody loves me”, or “I will never amount to anything.” As quickly as she heard these messages, she was able to heal them. And, while the impact of her healing isn’t always felt right away, I can certainly sense a strong upward shift in my overall sense of self, empowerment, and trueness. It may take several months for a complete integration, though I can say with confidence, I am feeling so much lighter and brighter these days, and my energy is picking up for all things inspiring and creative.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed my quiet. I currently have two accounts—@indetailcreative and @liveyourspiritnow, and have been drawn to share less creative work on inDetail, and more “this is me” on Live Your Spirit!, simply because that is what resonates with me these days—little snippets of my life in the hopes that my moments inspire others to take time to celebrate or time to be still.

Developing Live Your Spirit! has been on my “if you could do anything” agenda for ten years—helping people tap into their true selves, and find ways to shine through everyday moments, even the difficult ones. My belief is that through creative play—any kind of play—and joy, and pleasure, and laughter, and even tears, we can find our lost selves again, and nurture ourselves, and live the lives we were meant to, as light and loving creatures.

Here’s the thing… I haven’t been living my Spirit.

How can I possibly develop and share a program with the world, when I haven’t put myself through it? When I have not been honouring my own Spirit? Nurturing her, holding space for her to shine, and explore, and inspire myself. How can I truly guide others to this connection, when I have been feeling so disconnected myself? (Sidenote: You’ve gotta read Lost Connections, by Johann Hari)

Thanks to some very real friends (you know the kind that shake you out of your slump and let you cry on their shoulders, leaving mascara on their shirt?), and the power of energy healing, meditation, self-care, journaling…, I am in a shift phase. I feel it. I am feeling the urge to create, and share, and inspire myself, and the magical part? I’m giving myself permission to do all of this without needing it to answer the question, “How will this make money!? ” Whoa. Pressure off.

So my plan (notice I’m not using the word idea? I’m amazing at ideas—that’s never been a problem. It’s working the plan to make those ideas reality where I tend to fall short.) is to get #outofmyhead and #intotheworld. And I’m inviting you to come along.

My main Instagram account, @indetailcreative, will soon be rebranded as JoeGirl, and I will share stories, posts, and links to JoeGirlTV live streams and videos on Twitch and YouTube. I will be writing more here, and am sketching out thoughts for a “Live Your Spirit! with JoeGirl” podcast. Yes, lots of ideas, and for the first time in a long, long time, these ideas feel right. They feel strong and powerful. Like their time has come, and I am ready to embrace and implement them! I am finally ready to get out of my own way and make it happen—for me + for you.

It’s time to be JoeGirl.
It’s time to Live My Spirit!

It’s time to shift.

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