Feeling a little blah?

It’s time to [re]connect with your creative energy + shine!

Feeling a little blah?

It’s time to [re]connect with your creative energy + shine!

Are you stressed, wiped-out, overwhelmed, or frustrated at the end of the day? Maybe even all of the above?

Have you ever muttered the words,
“I don’t have a creative bone in my body”?

Do you dream of [re]connecting with your long-lost creative self?

Have your creative hobbies been pushed aside?

Do you often say “If I could just find the time, I would get back to it”?

Are you craving new ways to spend quality time with loved ones?

Is your inner child screaming, “Come play with me!”?

Are you ready for a shift?
Ready to shine + be glorious?

Yes, I am ready… Sign me up!

Imagine making time for yourself every day to sit, breathe, create + connect.

Imagine being more relaxed at home, more productive at work, more energized + fulfilled all the time.

Imagine richer, more intimate + meaningful relationships.

Imagine learning simple drawing + painting techniques to develop your own artistic style.

Imagine finding joy [again] in everyday moments.

Imagine setting a self-care habit of creative play every day!

I have wonderful news for you…
It’s possible.

It’s more than possible.
It’s here for you, right now.

As a Creative Play Coach, I guide individuals, couples and groups toward more joyful, creative lives.

Sessions take place in my studio, your home or workplace, or online. Groups of one to six participants, in packages of 1, 6, 12, 18 or 24 sessions.

Through simple exercises, you will learn how to recognize and nurture your creative energy at a pace that works for you.

Play is meant to be fun + spontaneous—so that is how we will roll. Our time together will be gentle, joyful, kind, and judgement-free.

Your energy is safe with me, as I hold space for your fears and concerns, and help you work through lousy self-talk and ego battles.

As we continue, you will learn how to incorporate creativity and play into your every day lives—from stocking simple art supplies to keep within reach at home or work, to shedding inhibitions and giving yourself permission to play—the sillier the better.

The goal is joy—through laughter, inspiration, creativity + play.

It’s your time to shine + be glorious!

How can I help you live
a more joyful, creative life?

Yes… I’m interested!